We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the market! Our paints/stains are one of a kind! Whether your painting staining our trying something new we have you covered. Choose from our DIY projects or explore our catalog to fit your needs! All of our products are water salable and safe to use! These are great gifts for anyone and we hope you enjoy them.

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Cathy Bradley

Great products to use on so many different medium's, and great customer service. She is absolutely spectacular and has so many videos to help on almost everything. Really a 5 star business.

I love all the colors and the many ways they can be used! One of the best ideas ever!! my recommendation? SPiT everything and have fun!

Tony Gordon

I couldn’t say enough amazing things about her products and videos, but amazing! And a must have for anyone that loves to DIY or redo furniture or anything for that matter! Love it!! ��